Year 9 Handbook 2018

Community, Achievement, Respect, Effort

Welcome to all students and families considering Year 9 options at Warragul Regional College.

Year 9 is an exciting and important time in the education of a young person. It is the point where you begin to make choices that help you to explore your interests and which will eventually lead towards the world of work and adult life. We know that year 9 is an important time with social, emotional and physical changes. There are also changes in the educational needs for students at this time. Year 9 is a significant step in the transition from junior years into senior secondary studies. Research and our experience tells us that year 9 is the point at which students either launch into their senior years and future learning and pathways or begin to disengage from education. At Warragul Regional College we work hard to make year 9 a year of exploration and to set our students up to launch into successful futures.

In year 9 we aim to:

  • Develop a curriculum in collaboration with the students that:
  • Suits your needs
    • Is purposeful and meaningful
    • Is sustainable and
  • Meets and/or exceeds Victorian Curriculum standards.
  • Give students real choices, including a voice in designing the options to choose from and
  • seeking to develop links between students, staff and the wider community
  • Create a program that is engaging, interesting and relevant for students, staff and parents which clearly meets students’ future needs.

Within this program we maintain a focus on all the core aspects of the curriculum including literacy and numeracy as key pillars as well as the areas of Science, Humanities and Health and Physical Education. A specific aspect of our Year 9 program is the incorporation of an integrated SELF unit which addresses:

  • Health
  • Personal development
  • Pathways and careers
  • Relationships
  • Self-management and organisational skills

In considering the options available at Year 9, I encourage students and families to see this as a time of exploration and development where you can try different aspects of the program and use this to help you make decisions about your future as you prepare for the senior secondary years.