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Farm World 2016


FarmWorld’s 2016 Animal Nursery, sponsored by Lion Dairy, saw yet another large number of Regional College students wishing to volunteer at this fantastic event….and this year during their Easter school holidays!

With an initial interest of more than 20 students from across most year levels, 17 wonderful young ladies (and one brave boy!) spent the four days of FarmWorld from Thursday 7th April through to Sunday 10th April working very full days caring for the great variety of animals and cheerfully helping the public interact with them.

This year, there were ducklings, hen and chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs including new borns, ragdoll kittens, hens, young Boer goat, lambs, sheep, dairy calves, ducks, ponies, sow and piglets as well as the ever popular Jersey dairy cows being milked twice a day with their milk then separated into cream using a hand-operated separator! Almost forgot…Guinea fowls too!

The warm, fine weather together with the inaugural Equestrian Expo brought extremely large crowds to FarmWorld this year with over 57,000 people attending. At the ever-popular WRC-run Animal Nursery, it was often standing room only with stroller-parking at a premium!

Students also assisted with Jill Bradford’s free pony rides at the adjacent site capably organized by Yr 12 student Rhianna Mumford. It is Jill who very generously lends a large number of the cute, cuddly, fluffy animals that our students so capably care for.
Students worked on a roster basis; working from around 8.30am to 5 pm. A number of students worked for the entire four days.

We even had two past students from the 2015 Senior cohort return to lend a helping hand and share their expertise, namely Zoe Harvey and Caitlin Watson.

All students were a testament to the College values: Community, Achievement, Respect and Effort.
Organisers  Barry & Cheryl Perkin, together with Sue Jenkins (all former WRC staff members) had nothing but praise for all the volunteer students commenting on their dedication, punctuality, politeness, cheerfulness and positive attitudes.

This is a great showcase for the College every year and a unique opportunity for our students.
Congratulations to all involved.


Laptop Program 2016 - Reminder

Laptops can ordered through the College. Please see the General Office Warragul Regional College on (03) 5623 9900 for queries

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